Sunday, July 16, 2017

Anusual - Anu Agarwal

While in Kolkata, Anjan plied me with a ton of books. I picked three - Anusual, a collection of stories by Tagore and another one. I flipped through Anusual which is actress and model Anu Agarwal's biography and flipped and flipped until it ended.
Harper Collins

It starts with her car crash where she broke many bones and almost died. What I didn't know was that she was in a Mercedes Benz when the accident happened in Bandra Mumbai. She drops little tidbits like that about her successful career as a model, her disinterest in movies and how Mahesh (Bhatt) almost wooed her to act and how she finally condescended to. Then some yoga and a yogi who takes a liking to her. Someplace in between comes a list - of people she had affairs with - with small descriptions on their backgrounds and their traits and in some cases sexual preferences. Then the yogi and his six month long foreplay and the amazing sexual experience (I think it was that or some other spiritual experience that seemed to me like that). Kicked out by other inmates one fine day when smitten yogi was missing. Accident. Recovery. Path of gratitude. Sell of things. Start afresh. Work in NGO. Write book. Find life.

Anu Agarwal was at HLF a year or two ago to promote this book. I did not meet her but saw her. She did not look like the Aashiqui days but then I don't either. As for her writing prowess, she can write surely, but what was she trying to tell. It goes all over the place and we finally know very little of her or what happened to her. It could have been much better perhaps with some editorial help. 

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