Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Trimalchio's Feast - Petronius

Trimalchio is a former slave who has acquired immeasurable wealth through dubious means and his feasts are legendary. Together with his wife Fortunata Trimalchio revels in showing off his wealth and it is described wonderfully by Petronius (this section is a part of his 1st-century work 'Satyricon'). Live birds that fly out from the insides of a pig, fake eggs, a joke about the freedman that is subtly slipped in, surprises that keep coming one after another at the table and from the people who serve them.

The dinner is described in great detail and that is what enthralls you - the detail. Word after word, carefully unveils the dinner that Trimalchio throws and it reveals the man, his attitude, his wealth, his guests. 

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