Thursday, March 2, 2017

My Next Book 'This Way Is Easier Dad' - First Look

Sonal who is heading the Marketing activity for my publishers, Jaico, was in town today. She called me before she came to town and we fixed up to meet to discuss marketing activities for my next book 'This Way Is Easier Dad' which is all set for a May release.
The next one
Sonal was kind enough to bring an Uncorrected Proof - which pretty much looks like the final version with the cover and all in place - except that it needs one final look before it goes to print. It was a lovely feeling to hold the book in my hand. This is how it looks.
'This Way Is Easier Dad' is book about how my daughter Anjali saved me from growing up. It has 100 short articles, is illustrated and promises to be an easy read. It is positioned as an adult self-help book which means that the stories have some insights that could help. The picture above does not do justice to the cover owing to lack of light. Here are some more pictures from the morning.
Me and Sonal - Launching the Uncorrected Proof version
This one is with both of us holding the book. I believe Sonal makes a great marketing professional and will do a really good job. For one, she made the effort to reach out to me, speak to me, tell me about her plans and find out mine. That's something that most people don't do - make the effort to build the relationship. Secondly, she took the time to meet me when she was in town for a book launch. Now this is another thing that most people don't do - they would rather stay where they are unless its absolutely necessary. I found her eager to visit Landmark bookstore (which is renovating soon and surprise, is opening a second branch in Himayat Nagar, next to Minerva Coffee Shop there, and I believe they are opening more bookstores across the country shortly). She spent time looking at the titles, asking for Jaico titles, speaking to the store manager, and even pushing across the new book which was due for launch. She promised to send him a list of Jaico books when she heard he does not get any such list from Jaico. Just doing her job and well, with the right intent - enough to make a difference.

Thanks Sonal, and looking forward for the book to hit the bookstores soon.

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