Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Anjali - But There's So Much To Write From Real Life

I am not sure why we came to the point where we were discussing what I could probably write about in my upcoming projects. Perhaps it started with the coming book on Anjali.
Poring over the Atlas
'You wrote The Men Within', 'If You Love Someone', '50 Not Out' and now 'This Way Is Easier Dad', said Anjali. She is naturally excited about the progress on 'This Way Is Easier Dad' which is entirely based on her.

I nodded.
'What will you write about next Nanna?' she asked.
'I will write more books I suppose,' I said unsurely. 'About something that interests me.'

She looked at me for a while as if wondering what I would write about, what I could write about since I already wrote about cricket, her, love.
Then it seemed to strike her.

'Oh you can write about real life,' she said with great relief. 'You will never run short of stories. You can write funny stories, adventure stories from real life. I mean if you had to think of magic or something like that it would be really hard because you will have to imagine all those things but if you observe real life you get so many stories. There is so much happening everyday in our life.'

Ah, how right you are. I will never run short of stories from such a vast source. I could never lose inspiration from this never ending pool of stories. All I have to do is tune into life, flip a page and I am hooked. What else do I need to find inspiration from?

I have no excuse now to write any less stories than I ought to.

That's pretty smart Anjali. Nothing is as dramatic or as romantic as real life, nor is it as funny to tell the truth as it is. You got it absolutely right.

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