Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Thank and Grow Rich - Pam Grout

Pam Grout's most popular book has been 'E-Squared' which I have not read (yet). But going by the title and the size of "Thank and Grow Rich" you know it will be a fun and tongue in cheek read with a couple of nice stories that help clarify her point.
It's a book that says thank everything and everyone and find ways to be shamelessly thankful to all that happens in your world world including the good and the bad and your life will change. Being thankful shifts your state from being fearful, which is where we operate from normally, to being thankful (which is certainly a better alternative) and thereby allows more good to come in. Perfect.

She writes in her semi-laughing tone about brazen gratitude, shameless gratitude which is about all the work you need to do. Life is easy she says - don't make a drama of making it tough. First find all that's good in your life and be grateful for it. Devote yourself to scouting for blessings.

Pam asks us to tune into the frequency of gratitude where we feel gratitude for all that's around us. Remember that everything we see is a construct of our brain and not what we assume to be reality - so its better to stop putting our notions into compartments. Instead, be open to the field of infinite possibilities (FP). Pam urges us to livestream with god and not try to figure everything thing out - life is easier if we let go and let god. She talks of Brother Lawrence, a priest who lived in the 1600s, who was so aglow with this life force that people would travel to see him peel potatoes.

If we are tuned into the wrong frequency, we cannot see what is right in front of us. So let go of all beliefs that we see as objective facts (from "A Course in Miracles"). Remember the brain can deceive - as in the invisible gorilla experiment.

Demolish all rules she says.

Pam urges us to remember that we are not separate from one another, to ignore the voices in our head, to let go of victim hood and to stop judging - for a better life. I like the statement - we change everything we observe. So there is good in the world as proved by a pay-it-forward experiment where one person in a car bought coffee for the one behind - the chain continued for four and a half hours. People are nice!

Real security is that feeling of being taken care of, and does not come from hoarding. Hoarding is a part of our reptilian brain that keeps us alert to danger by showing artificial lack. The universe she says is not indifferent, its a co-conspirator and there is no scarcity unless we believe in it. Money is not security - it breeds insecurity. Financial wealth is a side effect of real security as mentioned above.

To dive into her philosophy - identify the good things in your life, turn your life over to the big mystery, move towards what makes you more alive and excited, relax and have fun and share your good luck.

Pam talks of alchemic, spiritual, capital, creative, adventure and social capital. She talks of divine buzz. It helps to get a symbol that reminds you that all is well (a key chain,  a password?), look for magical blessings from the world, seek messages form the other side, know that your old belief is not true and please share. Pam gives a powerful example of the Tesla self driven car - and how difficult it is to let go of control. Let go and let god. "D(ivine) buzz" and "play" are two of her catch words. She calls her workshops play shops. No wonder there is that playful tone.

To up the ante  in the gratitude game - admit something amazingly awesome and believe in blessings and miracles. Get on the gratitude frequency and follow what shows up.

Pam gives 27 games.

First, have fun.
List all the beautiful things you have.
Allow. Be open.
Thank you.
Do only what you want to.
(I loved the story of the surf board instructor Jesus who tells them to keep eyes on the beach because the board will head to where you're looking. Or the story of the dancing nuns who win a prize to Paris.)
Be a luck magnet. Seek that vacation in Paris. Develop X ray vision and seek beyond what's apparent. Decide your day - light up your path.
Hug a tree.
Count your miracles.
Know we are all the same so don't fight or feel separate.
Decide what you want to feed yourself - 0.1 shit and 99.9 good stuff.
Write a new story for yourself.
Write blessings to fall in your lap.
Play the opposite game - if someone is nasty be nice to them like Gandhi was (he gifted his prison guard a set of new shoes).
Do the happy dance.
Use laughter to rid your fear.
Do one thing out of your comfort zone.
Be the wonder woman, FP.
Change your state in a moment. Life is fun NOW. Not tomorrow.
Scavenger hunt for 5 things.
We think 46.9% of the time about something else other than what we are doing. Be present.
Have a gratitude jar.
Be a 6 year old - make believe, whats the hurry, be like Mozart.
Thank your possessions - name them all.
Biz Stone of Twitter is the "No Worries Man" in his company. His mantra - Make impact, Love what you're doing and Create strong revenues.
Save a life today.
Make a moron smile. Treat him as your best friend. Like "I've been waiting to meet you all my life". Your reality reflects your mental map so watch that map.
Be in the moment, Love everything and don't judge.
Spread contagious laughter.
Write thank you notes to people.
Remember wonder and astonishment animates your life.

Nice and easy read. I am now more intense about my gratitude work. I need to sustain the intensity. Despite knowing - why do we not do it? Amazing. Nice book. Fine philosophy.

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