Monday, March 6, 2017

Salesman - Movie Review

Asghar Farhadi did not land up at the Oscar in protest against the travel ban by the US Government and had an Iranian astronaut in the US read his message for peace when 'Salesman' won the Oscar. I like Irani movies because they are like that. Full of life as it happens now. No fantasy. They are the mirror.

A young couple (both performers in a play 'The Death of a Salesman') move houses after their house develops cracks and is unfit to live suddenly. They get a place offered by one of their co-performers. It is a flat previously inhabited by a prostitute. One day an old customer of that lady (one assumes) comes visiting and assaults the wife while she is taking her bath. She gets hurt, is not molested, but is injured. The attacker has left his cell phone and car keys in his hurry to leave. The husband is consumed by thoughts of revenge. The couple does not complain to the police but he tracks the car down and finally the assailant - an old man with a heart problem. When threatened by the husband the old man collapses under the stress. Yes, he is guilty. But no, he did not do anything to the wife who panicked. Who is the bigger culprit here? Who is the victim and who is the perpetrator?

Razor sharp.

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