Monday, March 6, 2017

Sunday Cricket Lessons - Take the Head Where the Action Is

Batting again. Quick bowlers. Good spinners.

I was not meeting the ball at all. I was getting beaten often, the ball was taking the edges and the script was all wrong. I quickly took stock of the check list.

Was I watching the ball with a still head when it was being released from the hand? Yes.
Was I ready for the extra pace? Yes.
Was I watching the ball till it hits the face of the bat? Yes. (Or at least as much as I could)

Then what was going wrong?
I realised that my head was away from the point of contact. I was not really watching the point of contact from the best possible place - head over the ball. I made this quick change and lo behold, I started hitting the ball again, felt more in control and the uncertainty of the earlier part of my session was gone.

The head must be over the action. I cannot be away from it and hope to be in control. Be where the action is.

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