Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Ipcress File - Movie Review

1965. Len Deighton's book of the same name with a young Michael Caine in the lead. He is described as being insubordinate. And he is part of the Secret Service. Bit of a bespectacled James Bond really with less fancy stuff - cars, girls, guns included.

Scientists are missing and not for all the right reasons. The service has two suspects and narrows down to one. That's quick. All Caine has to do is check some traffic records and catch him - and he does in a jiffy - because the man is still in that same place picking up traffic tickets (it's a public library which they need to help their scientists). The man is the right man and Caine orders a raid. It's futile. The bird (Bluejay in this case along with House Martin) has flown. Caine is then captured (after a couple of unnecessary deaths of complete lackeys) and tortured and brainwashed (Ipcress is some acronym of that process). But he escapes and finds out that one of his two bosses is the villain who set him up. But why?

Ipcress File was too full of holes for me. What were the American spies doing and why were they killed? Why was Jock killed? Why was Caine not killed? Why did the villain reveal Bluejay's name and thereby lead it on to himself? What was Bluejay trying to do if all he wants to do is trade in brains? Why did Courtney sleep with Caine?

Why? Why? And Why?

But British stuff is always fun even if its clumsy and this one is as clumsy as anything. I love clumsy. That said it got lots of awards. 

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