Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Curious Case of 'No Cash' in ATMs

For the past three weeks I found that the ubiquitous ATMs were back to their No Cash days. It appears that they are on a diet or a strike. Some ATMs blinked helpfully but at the last minute, after much thought (you can hear it thinking) said that they were somehow against that one transaction. My bank certainly has all its ATMs out of cash and I wonder what happened to this bank of mine. Of course many people told me that there is no limit on withdrawals and I could go to the counter and draw. I agreed. But I am concerned about the ATMs which are being starved. You see I have developed a nice relationship with them and cannot see their pain. They look positively thin now and a pale reflection of their healthy days.

Today I saw those old lines that I saw in those days of demonetisation in a couple of places. Not as long but equally hungry people out to attack the poor ATM and withdraw whatever little it had.

I wonder why there is no mention of this. Why the ATMs are being treated in this inATM fashion? Where has the cash gone? Why is no one asking a question about it?

Until it comes back into the system I guess all I can do is send some love to my old friends the ATMs. Truth be told I fear for them and their existence.

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