Friday, March 17, 2017

Lion - Movie Review

Based on the non fiction book 'A Long Way From Home' by Saroo Brierley, 'Lion' is the real life story of five year old Saroo who loses his way on a platform and boards a train to Kolkata, thousands of miles from his native village near Khandwa. The young Sunny Pawar is very cute as young street smart Saroo and survives attempts of child traffickers before being adopted by an Australian couple. Saroo goes to Hobart, Tasmania and grows up into Dev Patel.

Dev Patel does a fine job and we can sense his increasing discomfort and desire to see his family in India. He remembers his brother Guddu and his mother. Using Google Earth he finds his village Ganesh Talai and returns to find his mother and sister. Also to find that his name is Sheru and not Saroo as he had been pronouncing it. Nice story and well told. Dev Patel is perfect.

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