Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Anjali - How She Found Maya

I was told to buy cat food for the cat Anjali adopted - Ms. Maya (the Ms is my addition - makes it seem slinkier). Anyway I keep bugging Anjali on how Maya does nothing and gets all this attention and fine food. So today when Anjali and I went to the supermarket to buy cat food after her school she told me the reason why she adopted Ms. Maya.

'She is very small Nanna,' said Anjali. 'Much smaller than the other cats. One day it was raining and I opened the door and there I found her, thin and frightened. I shut the door and came away and I could hear her mewing in a sad tone. I told Mamma and we gave her warm milk and she drank it. That was around my birthday time in October.'

'So we've been feeding her since then?' I said in mock anger.

'Now she is looking healthier. In a short time I think she will become as big as those other cats that bully her. Then she can search for her own food. Only until then Nanna.'

We spotted the cat food. Anjali is very careful what she buys for Ms. Maya. I offered to buy her the bigger pack of Whiskas but she categorically said no.

'That is for cats that are plus one year,' she said. 'I think she is still not yet one year.' Maya is lucky I was not the one picking the food - I'd have just picked any pack and taken it home.

'Now Maya is used to the timing. It comes at 730 in the morning and 4 in the evening.'

'One day I saw her sleeping like she was dead. I got scared and went close and said Maya and she suddenly sprang up, her hair all standing.'

'But she is very frightened. You have to be very careful with her. She gets scared of new people or big people.'

Anjali told me all her cat tales in a rush and some more. She loves her Ms. Maya a lot and jumps out of bed when she hers this one mewing away dolefully. There is a special tone that she saves up to address Maya - a lilting, gentle and soft Maayaaa. And the cat is instantly at ease.

'Where's that cat now?' I asked in mock anger.
'Not that cat,' said Anjali. 'The cat.'

It's not a bad thing to get Anjali on your side I think. She'll back you fully. Lucky Ms. Maya.

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