Friday, March 24, 2017

Lawrence of Arabia - Movie Review

1962. A classic. Grand in scale and execution. One of those movies that makes you long to view it on the big screen. It's rivetingly beautiful.

Peter O'Toole plays the screen version of  the famed real T.E. Lawrence upon whose life the movie is based. An archeologist who joins the British army during the Arab rising and leads Arab tribes to war against the Turkish Ottoman empire, Lawrence is known for his crazy doggedness, his love for the desert, his ease at mixing with the locals so much so that he sees himself as much as an Arab as any other. Fabulous character bought fully to life by Peter O' Toole. The heavy star cast includes Alec Guinness, Omar Sharif, Anthony Quinn among others.

If great stories must be told, they must be told like this. With love, care and attention. Beautiful.

A music score that haunts you. Listen.

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