Monday, March 6, 2017

Moonlight - Movie Review

The Best Picture winner at the Academy Awards this year,  'Moonlight' is an incredibly sensitive portrayal of a boy who is struggling with abuse in his growing up years (therefore identity, sexuality as well). Based on an unpublished play called 'In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue' the movie takes us through three stages in his life - Little, Black and Chiron (his names in his childhood, adolescence and grown up stages).

A single mother who is struggling with a drug problem, is the least of his problems. Young Chiron very sensitive, confused and quiet inside. He is always the one to be picked on by the bullies. But he has one good friend, Kevin, who looks out for him. Chiron feels for him too - in a romantic way. The other person who Chiron looks up to is Juan, a drug peddler, who becomes a father figure to him. Then Juan dies.
In his adolescence the mildly effeminate Chiron is pushed around so much by the bullies at shcool that he finally breaks up, retaliates violently and is sent to prison. How the hardened, muscular Chiron plays the sensitive boy trapped inside him is beautiful to see, especially when he goes back to meet a sobered down Kevin. There is almost no white presence anywhere in the movie. It's one of those movies that you can't describe - it's all about that feeling. You feel it - or you don't. 

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