Saturday, January 7, 2017

Two Holes

Two integral parts of our lives went out.

George Michael first. For 'Take me to the edge of heaven', 'Careless Whispers' (a song that set the entire ECH II on fire after I got a tape back from Guwahati with this romantic single - the strongest pahelwans were crooning this number in our Engineering College hostels then, also many pleasurable slow dances) and 'Father Figure' (still on my playlist). First with Wham and then by himself for adding a pep and a zing we didn't experience until then.

Om Puri. For a jaw dropping performance in 'Ardh Satya' that left us wondering at how intense life can be. And showing us that all stereotypes can be broken if you have the talent. He grew bigger and bigger, the boy with humble roots, but one who struck the talented Naseeruddin Shah down with his preparation and approach to his work. Naseer mentions it in his autobiography - a powerful moment in his career. 'Tamas', 'Aakrosh' and the unforgettable role in 'Jaane bhi do yaaron'. Om Puri was an true superstar. Watching Naseer and Om Puri on the show with Anupam Kher was wonderful.

The moments when George Michael and Om Puri two came on in our lives, we could forget our life and our worries. They could take over and make us forget.

A nod, a wistful smile. A hole that no one can fill. There will be more. Stuff that we are made of, stuff that made us, and them.

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