Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Thought for the Day - Celebrate the Moment

Our lives are filled with moments that come in randomly, by choice, and we experience them. There are different ways to deal with the moment at hand - run away from it, get bored, wish it were better, wish you were someplace else, or plain stay stuck in the future or the past. The common wisdom of the day tells us to be present - because being in the now will ease much of the ache of living, and relieves us of the burdens of the past and the future.

Having come to the now, what do we do with the moment at hand. We could still be indifferent to the moment and wait for it to get up and dance. It was while pondering over this moment in an otherwise average setting that I realised that I could add to the moment. I could approach the moment with this idea - to celebrate the moment - whatever it be.

'Celebrate the moment' then. Accept what it brings to you. Enjoy it. Feel it. Celebrate it. The word celebrate works well because it gently suffuses into the space, does not place any extra burden and allows it to soak in.

A celebration of life in small moments.

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