Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Divorce Italian Style - Movie Review

The 1961 Black and White classic brings all the madness of an Italian romance to the fore. The husband is a nobleman who dreams of getting rid of his ordinary wife who is totally in love with him. Schemes like sending her into orbit in space, drowning her in a vat of soap etc flash across his mind. It appears that divorce was frowned upon then in their society so he is imagining ways to get rid of her and marry his cousin, the lovely young Angela upon whom he spies from his bathroom window.

He gets an idea when he follows a case where a woman kills her philandering husband. So he tries to set up his wife with an old friend of hers. Unfortunately his plan does not work as well. Meanwhile his cousin reciprocates his love and he is convinced that he must act. Fortunately for him it turns out that the wife's supposed lover is married and has three children which he hid form everyone. The lover's wife comes and kills off the husband, our hero kills of his wife and goes to jail for a short term only to return as a man of honor. He marries his childhood sweetheart and they take off on a yacht.

What kind of a justice is that you may ask? As the new couple lie on the yacht, entwined in each other's arms, the shapely leg of Angela snakes past her husband's old leg and starts playing footsie with the young yacht owner's foot.

A gently engaging and quietly funny movie.  

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