Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Paradoxes of Our Life - Responsibility Is Freedom

"Freedom comes with Responsibility" - sounds rather intimidating. It's like we are tagging freedom with something heavy.

But "Responsibility Is Freedom" takes on a different hue. It's intriguing that a heavy word like responsibility can bring on something so light as freedom.

When we take responsibility, we are choosing freedom to do it our way. Until then we are bound by some other way.

When we do not take responsibility, we are saying, I will do as you say. I will not take responsibility because it's not mine. And I don't mind being bound by your diktat on it, I will trade my freedom by not choosing to take responsibility.

The moment I choose to take responsibility, I am free. To do as I wish. To expand my scope and fill the entire landscape instead of staying in my corner.

In that freedom I can create something beautiful.

What seems heavy and burdensome, actually is uplifting.

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