Wednesday, January 25, 2017

La La Land - Movie Review

The title did not enthuse me but Sagar was insistent that I watch this romantic musical. That it was directed by the young and talented Damien Chazelle of 'Whiplash' fame was good enough for me. And intriguing considering how intense 'Whiplash' was - to shift genres so easily.

But going by the 14 Oscar nominations, a record, the young man knows what he is doing. The movie is a fine one to watch though I won't place it among my all time great love stories or romances yet (maybe because it lacked some fun element?). Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) are - aspiring actress/ barista and musician/wants to save jazz person. Both talented, passionate but stuck for the right break from life. They meet, fall in love, help each other's dream along - he tells her to write a play with a single actor and perform and she nudges him towards his dream of opening his own jazz bar. Balancing reality with dreams is a tough place unless you believe that you are living your dream so the two have some tough times, make some compromises and split. Not before Sebastian gets a call from an agent who saw Mia's one act play and who has the perfect part for her. Mia lands it, her career takes off and all is well. The last part is when some years later Mia and her husband and child walk into a jazz bar Seb's and she realises Sebastian has also opened his dream jazz bar. Seb plays their signature tune and she leaves - not before one last look.

'City of Stars' stays in your mind. The other songs are nice. The movie is light and honest. There's still hope for simple, honest romances.

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