Monday, January 9, 2017

Thought for the Day - High Awareness Or Being In the Now is Feedback at Its Most Evolved

High awareness or being in the now is the most evolved state of feedback - and our response to it. Whether it is our body or our feelings, our emotions or the emotions of others, we are at a high state of awareness when we know how we are reacting to the outside and how the outside is reacting to us, as it happens. It is a subtle state of breathing, a way of keeping ourselves still, so we are aware of the subtlest of feedback.

In that space, when we are tuned into the way of the world, when we are in its frequency, we can think clearly, see clearly, feel clearly. Everything seems easy. Obvious.

We can take it everywhere I guess. Into work, into business, into relationships, into sport. Stay still, focus until your feedback system gets into high awareness. The way will open up. 

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