Thursday, January 19, 2017

Telangana International Kite Festival 2017

I had heard of Kite Festivals in Hyderabad before but never went to attend one. Mainly because I am kite challenged. I could never tie up a kite or fly it with any great skill. I was certainly not as passionate as my friend Mohan who would go all the way to Gulzar House to buy the manja.
He would the proceed to cut a lot of unsuspecting kite flyers while losing to the big fish - the real predators who had good manja. For Mohan the process was always more interesting than the journey.
Kites in hand
I never got the hang of the kite fights and was happy to see my kite float happily in the blue skies and hoped no predator would come and cut my kite. But despite not being very passionate about it we did it as kids because all kids did it - but I never mastered the art. I still feel pretty foolish in the kite shop.
Anjali has to push the right buttons so every year she reminds me of kite flying. I buy her a kite and we try to fly it or go to some friend's house where her kite flying needs are met. This year also she reminded me of the kite flying business. Luckily Monica had heard of this Kite Festival - The Telangana International Kite Festival 2017  and asked us if we wanted to go with her. We could not go with her but we did make it in time to the Aga Khan International School, near the Shamshabad airport, on the Srisailam Road, which has a beautiful campus, to see some humongous kites flying in the grounds, along with many small ones.
Hundreds of people flying kites 
The road was packed with cars parked on either side and inside the school we saw beautiful grounds, shops selling kites and food and many volunteers to help.
The lovely Aga Khan School campus
There was stuff for kids - face painting etc so Anjali got her face painted.
Face painted
We watched some kites flying. We tried to fly our kites unsuccessfully and then ate some food before we returned - happy. A nice experience. Maybe next year we could go early and spend more time.

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