Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thought for the Day - Ego Promotes Laziness

Our ego can make us feel that we can do things easily without putting in any effort. The thought that effort is beneath us, that maybe something bigger is destined for us without doing any work in that direction, could promote the kind of laziness, the kind of arrogant laziness, that forms the basis for failure. Our ego can justify it all by blaming someone else, some situation, some bad alignment of the stars - everything else but you who is the problem.

If something is not working, look where your ego is coming in the way.

On the other hand if we can drop the ego, we find it easy to work because doing work or working doubly hard at things does not make us less 'smart' than the others. Without the ego one can wear hard work like a medal, like Virat Kohli does or any champion does, and actively look for improvement on a daily basis.

Dropping the ego opens many doors. Most importantly it allows us to work hard and honestly and give ourselves a chance to achieve our potential. Watch yourself when you defend yourself, when you blame someone else, when you find it difficult to ask for help, when you hate others who are more successful - and all those many other negative emotions and see where the ego is riding you. Go past it. Ask for help even if it makes you feel less than, don't defend and justify - instead accept. Ask questions.

With that one act, you'd have dropped the ego and begun the process of learning and effort. Of growth. 

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