Friday, January 6, 2017

Moana - Movie Review

Fantastic animation, great visuals and a fine story about a young daughter of a tribe living on an island who is chosen to bring back balance into their life and save a slowly dying world. She is chosen by none other than the ocean (who keeps literally popping up every now and then to express himself or herself).

Once upon a time a mischievous demi god steals the heart from a goddess and earns her wrath. Not only is the goddess in distress but so are the people on the islands. The demi god Maui is missing in action having lost his power. Enter Moana who is chosen by the ocean to set things right. Armed with the heart (given by her grandma) she sets off to find the offending Maui to return the heart. On the way we encounter some pirates, giant crabs, volcanoes and so on until it all ends well. Peace reigns on earth. the world has been saved.

I loved the song the villainous crab sings.  Its a classic.

Anjali and Mansi seemed to have got more out of the movie than us. Sagar indulged them with pizza and ice cream and pop corn and Anjali liked it. 'You only buy me popcorn,' was the final verdict.

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