Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 - A Review

I wrote 'This Way Is Easier, Dad' - to be published by Jaico this year.The book is a compilation of blogs! So blogging is not really an addiction or a waste of time. That's such a relief.
I wrote 393 blogs (down from 421 blogs last year).

I was happy to teach the 'Arts Management' class at the Department of Dance, Hyderabad Central University. It was as satisfying as the previous year. My students for the year were Tejaswi, Vaishnavi, Anusha, Sridevi, Radhika, Chudamani, Athira, Vaishnavi, Ardra, Siva, Kavitha and Seenaiah, Highly satisfactory.

I spoke at the TEDx VNR VJIT on April 2, 2016 on Cricket, Creativity and Writing. Other speaking assignments included a talk on Entrepreneurship at St. Ann's College for Women, Mehdipatnam, Orientation session at the DoD, UoH, Growth through Ownership at HDFC.

Restarted Coaching and having a wonderful time. Two corporate executives, one first class cricketer.

Weekly training sessions 40-45 at Gap Miners. Ownership, sales, customer satisfaction, financial planning, book reviews, movies, TED talks.

I anchored a talk on sports writing at the Hyderabad Literary Festival with V. Ramnarayan and Vijay Mohan Raj as the panelists. Again, spoke on Sports Writing at the Writer's Carnival.

Workshops conducted:
Workshops included a workshop on Cricket and Values at the Hyderabad Literary Festival, A Culture Resetting Program at PES Engineers (New Horizons), Culture Resetting Program at Gap Miners, Leadership workshops for first time executives - Cracking the Leadership Code - Building Ownership Muscle (leadership for young executives), Leadership program for Senior Executives - The Mirror - Your Team Reflects You (for senior leadership).

Workshops Attended:
Radical Manifestation, Living your Passions both by Shobha and pretty powerful.

I read and reviewed 49 books (down from 54 last year).

Watched and reviewed 78 movies (up from 70 last year).

I interviewed
Writer Dilip D, Souza
Anupama Sircar of the Learning Graph
Poet, writer and editor Nivedita of Nivasini Publishers
Abhinay Renny, licensee of the TEDx VNR VJIT, poet and avid student
Amar Chegu, my friend and partner, about his new venture Amar's Pensieve.

Of course the mandatory two interviews for the year of Anjali were done. I wish I'd done more and will hopefully correct this. I'd like to do one a month this coming year.

I did one road trip to Mysore and Coorg and it was a fine new experience to stay at a homestay. I did several Heritage walks around Hyderabad's old city. I completed all the 3 walks and more.

Old friends/ reunions:
During the year I attended three reunions and met many old friends - the Marredpally Cricket Club reunion at home, the All Saints Cricketers Reunion at Suresh's home and the MBA, Reunion for the OUCCBM Class of 1991 reunion in December.

Music concerts:
None! Two impromptu music sessions with Sanjay (random all nighter) and Sunil Jyothi (Prince).

Gifts received:
Perfumes, Books, Shirts, track suits, a lovely BOSE speaker, love and affection.

Gifts given:
Books, books and books, love and affection.

A productive year. But would like to do more speaking sessions hopefully in government schools, workshops in schools, colleges and corporates, interviews and certainly more travel. Again a huge thanks to my family and friends for supporting me and putting up with me.


Madhav said...

Wow busy year.
I... watched a lot of tv!!
Happy new year!!

Harimohan said...

Yes Madhav, like they say, busy but somehow the whole seems rather all over the place. Anyway we do what we do. Good to see you back. Watched TV huh. The elections?!
Happy New Year old friend. My New Year line is - fly higher and higher this year...soar away...

Madhav said...

Good for you. Soar away buddy!!
Me, Im a glide.
Afterburners turned off,
engines will be soon too. Lol