Friday, January 6, 2017

Adult Question Series - But Tell Me Which Direction

This is not the first time but its an interesting adult behavior. I was on my phone, standing near the gate to my house when a couple on a bike stopped right in front of the gate.
'Which way to Andhra Bank?' he asked.
It was pretty clear to him that I was busy on the phone. I was deep in conversation with a friend of mine with whom I was speaking with after 2 years, so I pointed down the road.
'Andhra Bank?' shouted the man on the bike a bit more loudly.
I made it clear to him that I was talking on the phone and that he better go down the road and he would find it.

Then things got interesting.

His expression changed. He got angry with my response. His wife got angry with my response. She almost got off the bike to get my attention and get me to speak to them.

'That way?' he asked again pointing in the direction I had pointed out twice already.
I turned away from him and his wife, unable to handle their mounting pressure, phone in my hand and ear. I could see their anger. If they had time I am sure they would have told me how rude and unhelpful I was or used some law to get me arrested.

This is not the first time this happened. I wonder what it is about themselves that they think they are more important than the conversation I am having on my phone.

Maybe next time I should go  and hold his hand until I finish my conversation and then, give him directions.
Next time.

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