Saturday, January 21, 2017

Carnal Knowledge - Movie Review

Another 1971 classic. Much referred to in Robert Mckee's 'Story'. It follows the love lives of two friends from their days in college (a very young Jack Nicholson and surprise, Art Garfunkel of Simon and Garfunkel).

Art is a sensitive guy who falls in love with his women - sex is just a part of it - maybe not even an integral part. It's very cerebral and he almost idolises the women in his life. Jack on the other hand tries every trick in the book to bed them and moves from one conquest to another. For him women serve little purpose other than that. It starts brilliantly with Art falling for a woman and how his sensitivity provokes her into being sexually uninhibited. Jack can't stand this and secretly dates her and beds her - without Art knowing about it. He is consumed however that she will never love him like she does Art. Both men don't find the balance as they grow older - Art actually marries Susan (the same girl) and they separate. Jack goes from fling to fling until he finally runs out of steam. Extreme views to women, love and lust. Both suffer - one from a lack of physical pleasure and the other from the lack of a stabilising influence on his life.

Interesting movie.  The kind that make you think - hey I would have liked to write that. 

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