Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Anjali - I Will be Like Anjali Only

I was teasing Anjali about something she told me about school and in that typical adult fashion said - 'If you do that, you will be like Harsh (her friend from school).'

She pouted at the comparison. She hates them. I am sure most do. But being an adult I guess I could not stop myself.

When I saw the pout, which is my trademark at being disappointed with everything and everyone in the world at the slightest of reactions, I could not resist another.

'Now if you sulk like that you will become like Nanna.'

That really blew it for her. The young madam looked at me with a pained look and said.
'Why should I be like someone else? I will be like Anjali only whatever I do.'

Hmm. It does make immense sense. To remember it next time.

We completed the rest of the ride in silence.

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