Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thought for the Day - To Improve Your Consciousness, Say More 'Yes' and Less 'No'

To improve our consciousness, we must first stop saying 'No'. Simply because every time we say 'No' we are blocking the flow of life. It's like shutting off the tap because we are scared that we may not get the water we so badly want.

Let me explain. My theory of 'The 3 Concentric Circles of Consciousness'

3 Concentric Circles of Consciousness 
If our consciousness is a bit like a diagram with three concentric circles, the stuff in the innermost circle is the stuff we already have. The stuff we take for granted.

Innermost Circle - Circle of Consciousness, The Taken for Granted Circle
This is the 'taken for granted' circle, the stuff that's within our consciousness. The next breath of air, the next meal, the love of certain people etc. This is what is within the realm of our consciousness. What we believe we deserve. Our current reality. Could be small house, small car, just enough.

Middle Circle - Circle of Want or Circle of Hope 
Just outside the 'taken for granted' circle lies the 'circle of want'. This is stuff we 'want' but which we feel we do not deserve or do not feel we can get easily. This stuff is just out of our current consciousness. This is the stuff we hope will fall into our laps, that by some turn of luck will happen to us. This is stuff we crave, and we resent life for not giving it to us. We want it but are scared that we are not good enough to get it. But we will not do anything about it. It's stuff that's outside the realm of our 'deservability', our current 'consciousness'. The house, the big salary, the promotion, the next car, the big vacation - all these could lie just outside the realm of our consciousness but we wait and do nothing about it. We mainly 'hope' we somehow get to big house, big car.

Outermost Circle - Circle of Disconnect
The outermost circle is the 'circle of disconnect'. This is stuff we dream we want but stuff we are not really connected to. It's stuff that's too far out of our consciousness and we don't really expect it to happen anyway. It's stuff we believe will not happen to people like us. So we don't put any energy to it. We don't ground it with responsibility. This just flies high in the sky. Nice to see but not to own.

Expanding the Realm of Our Consciousness
The way to go about things seems to be to expand our consciousness bit by bit. (I am sure we can expand it all in a moment - but that would require us to say Yes to everything and let go of all semblances of control - Now. )

But let's do it step by step. We can first look at what we  really want - which we are not getting - the stuff just outside the realm of our consciousness and slowly pull that into the realm of our consciousness. For example if its the bigger car - we must first get into the car, find prices, go and check it out, take a ride and even fix a date to bring it home. Then, the ways to get it home, will start flowing in because we have shown intent and grounded a loose fantasy with responsibility. We are open to receiving. The ground is now ready and fertile. We feel deserving.

Till the ground of possibility until its fertile!

Train the Mind - Say More Yes than No
To make the mind more accepting of things - we need to train it to say Yes more often than No. When we say Yes we are open. The tap is open. When we say No we are closed. The tap is closed. Just saying Yes opens possibilities we cannot see. Another Yes, and another, and well, you never know.

I guess, if we work on our consciousness by saying Yes, and if we start working on things we really want from the stuff that's outside our realm of consciousness and pull it in one by one, we might end up with a fertile mind that can create stuff more easily and readily for us.

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