Sunday, April 24, 2016

Prince - Death of An Icon

The eighties were full of superstars of great quality. Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen...they just kept coming on and on. Of them all, one stood out so differently both for his music, his attitude and his world view - Prince.

We never knew much about Prince except that he was mysterious. He was different. A man with his own tastes, his own beat. The first album I heard of his was 'Purple Rain' - and I was so impressed with this song 'When Doves Cry' that I went and bought the album. Crazy stuff. Check out the video.

He was sensuous. His eyes were beautiful. His body slender. But then, you could never doubt for a moment that he was all man. It was an attitude you could not replicate.

He was a poet. He was sensitive. He was raw, of the earth. Of the sky. Some other quality.

I liked 'Purple Rain' too. Check this link out and you know what kind of a legendary performer, what sort of a rock star  he was.

I liked 'Let's go crazy' the best.

He was on his own trip. His girl friend was one of the most beautiful women we'd ever seen then. His bikes were different. His videos were different. His dance moves were different.

It was little wonder that he suddenly chose to change from Prince to a symbol. That's it. His album 'Gold' which I bought and have somewhere only came with a symbol on it.

He was referred to as the artist who was formerly known as Prince. You can see the symbol on stage in the 'Let's go crazy' song. The album was interesting. It had his trademark sounds of course.

There's no denying his status as an icon. It warmed the heart to hear Bruce Springsteen opening his show with Purple Rain.

Prince was a superstar. He broke the mould - like he says in the song 'Gold'. Am so glad to have grown up with him.

Prince doing one of my all time favorite songs, a song by Radiohead 'Creep', in his own distintt manner.

Time to have a 'Prince' evening soon. My friend Sunil J would appreciate the sentiment surely.

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