Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Fault In Our Stars - Movie Review

I am too old for this. It's the kind of a movie that hits you hard when you are young - like 'Love Story' (English) did or 'Geetanjali' (Telugu). But when you are not so innocent and are corrupted by age, its not very interesting. So I found the story of a young girl with terminal cancer meeting another cancer survivor in a support group and their super cute romance not too sentimentally moving. When I was sixteen I might have cried buckets and probably fallen in love  with the girl but now - no.

So cancer girl meets cancer boy who talks in a strange kind of way (which would have been endearing when I was young again but again, I'll pass this). Romance blooms. Books are read and discussed and author of book is noted down for a must-meet-as-a-last-wish by both youngsters. So they head to Amsterdam where he lives with a young secretary. Author turns out to be Willem Dafoe who can never be a nice guy. He turns out to be exceptionally rude for reasons best known to him - but of course he has a story too but who cares for Dafoe's story. Cancer boy ends up dying first but not before he gets a eulogy when alive from his girl friend and best friend. It's a bit thick.

It's an hour too long. 

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