Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Lady and her Two Sons at KFC

The other day at KFC I noticed this lady and her two sons sitting next to me. She was of modest means you could make out, perhaps a widow, and not more than forty years old; the young sons, one sixteen or so and the other thirteen or so. On the table between the three of them was a single coke, and a small bag of french fries. They looked uncomfortable, and sat quietly watching other people. The two sons sat facing the wall and she sat facing the rest of the world which was busy eating obscenely large portions of chicken in that obscene manner that those portions make us eat. There was also an interesting look in her eye as she surveyed the room.

When they got up to go I could see that the younger son had some problem with his legs and he dragged his feet. The older one was avoiding every one's eye and led the way out. The lady walked behind, all quiet dignity, her purse held tightly in hand.

On one hand I was glad they had the courage to come in and experience what many do not because they think some places are beyond them. I felt sad that they had to make do with a soft drink and a small bag of french fries when the young boys looked ravenous and could have put away a nice chicken. But their desire to experience, to see this life, to experience whatever they could afford, the dignity with which they held their place was inspiring. Someday, not too far in the future, I am sure they will come again and enjoy a more hearty and less stressful meal.

It's one of the images of this new India that I will not forget. The word is hope. Possibilities. 

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