Sunday, April 10, 2016

Birdman - Movie Review

'Birdman' is the story of a fading-ed movie star who acted a couple of decades ago in a series of comic book films as the masked hero 'Birdman'. He is now trying to resurrent himself through a Broadway adaptation of a short story which he is producing, directing and acting in. The movie takes you through three days before the opening show - a time when he meets all his worst fears and biggest critics and finally does something that ends it all in a big bang. Literally.

Birdman is not just a fading actor trying to resurrect his career, he is also a father of a drug addict who is just out of rehab and is assisting him. His ex-wife, his present girlfriend (who gently tells him she is pregnant), the replacement for the co-actor - Edward Norton - all get on his nerves plus the financial burden. Not to mention the fact that the play could just sink as the main critic promises to do. Edward Norton as the star actor who steps in to save the show brings an element of danger and unpredictability and it all leads up to a dramatic and highly freeing end.

Seen it. Off the list. Once again? No. I'll leave it to the critics.

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