Friday, April 29, 2016

Anjali - A Celebration

Post the art exhibition euphoria, Anjali decided to celebrate the effort. She jingled the money in her money bag, money she had collected after the sales and told me. 'Tomorrow, we will go to the mall. I want to go to KFC, buy myself some shorts and books and play games.'

Absolute clarity.

Seeing the usual circumspect look on my face she added - 'I have my money. I will spend.' I shrugged.

So the next day we picked up her friend Mansi and went to GVK. The two enjoyed their KFC. Then we went to Crossword where she bought herself several books and an Ironman mask. She also bought Mansi a book. I bought myself some stuff, a DVD of 'Court' and an Outlook magazine, and offered to pay but she insisted she would pay. When she saw the rather huge bill, she allowed me to pay for mine (some 500 bucks) and paid for her stuff (some 1000 bucks). Then we moved into the game zone where the two friends had a great time on rides and some other stuff. Down at the food court, she orders what she wants - cold coffee. Where she gets this clarity from I don't know. Then down to the Shoppers Stop for her shorts and stuff.

Day well spent. All items ticked. When will my life get like that? 


Rajendra said...

abhi chance kam hai..but no harm in trying!

Harimohan said...

Thoda late hai to bhi chalega Raja. Aakhri bench ke logan hai bhai. :)