Thursday, April 28, 2016

Khushwant Singh - Women & Men In My Life

Every now and then you want to read something that just does not tax your mind. So I picked up this book by Khushwant Singh on 'The Women & Men In My Life'. The order is certainly in his order of liking. Khushwant Singh's accounts of the women are all glowing - women who were completely besotted by him, held his hands, would not leave him, fought over him (at least most of them anyway) while the men were not nice to him. I can understand that. You have to choose. I can also get an idea of how he must have been as a person.
Harper, 193 p, Rs. 150

Khushwant Singh writes about film critic Devyani Chaubal, Saida Dehlavi, Indrani Gyaltsen, Anees Jung, Dharma Kumar, Nirmal Matthan, Kamna Prasad, Prema Subramaniam, Amrita Shergil, Reeta Devi Varma, a Beggar Maid. Among the men who find place of honor are Chetan Anand (sponger), Romesh Chander, Balwant Gargi, I.S. Johar, Prem Kirpal, Pratap Lal and A.G. Noorani. He broke off with a couple of the guys, or more. Names are dropped left right and center and some of the situations especially with the women make you wonder if its all true - it's stuff most guys fantasise about for sure. I'd like to read their version of the stories.

Anyway, it's an easy read. Some interesting people. 

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