Friday, April 8, 2016

Brazil - Movie Review

Dystopian. Forms. Procedures. Machinations. Rules. Regulations. Nameless authorities. Receipts. People who have codes as numbers. 'Brazil' is a country that reminds you of Orwell's 1984. This movie was made in 1985.

The protagonist (Jonathan Pryce) has dreams of saving a lovely lady as a superman. His life otherwise is in the dystopian world full of the above - boring nd beurocratic. Strange authorities walk in and ask questions about anything. Meanwhile one Tuttle who is to be recruited for some work is mistaken for Buttle (or the other way round) and is picked up. The hero's love tries to find out about the unfortunate disappearance of Tuttle, being Tuttle's neighbour. Which is when the full force of the state and as a result of its strict and rather stupid ways of functioning, a whole breed of revolutionaries and terrorists and bombings. Plastic surgeons, high safety jails, strict security - 'Brazil' has all the makings of a failed state.

Will the hero find his love? Will they escape? One hugely inspired scene - when Tuttle is suddenly enveloped by a host of government receipts and is drowned in them and when the hero tries to rescue him, he is not there.

'Brazil' is too real to be fiction in one sense. 

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