Saturday, April 23, 2016

Thought for the Day - An Attitude of Serendipity

Reading Max Landberg's 'Tao of Motivation' and also being in a state of awareness of the mirror, I suddenly realised that they connect. An attitude of serendipity leaves you with an open but inviting mind. A mind that's open to receiving. Not just 'this much' and 'that way' only but much more. How big is your pipeline is the question we must ask ourselves - because the universe has a huge one,
Pic courtesy - Satish Nargundkar
So my awareness has just moved one step higher - from being open and receptive, from being a gentle magnet, I am now thinking in terms of being open to bigger, brighter things that I cannot even imagine. It's like I am in a constant state of wonder at what's coming up next. I am open to anything.

Now it's not just what's coming up next but about what good is coming up next. Can you imagine being fine tuned to the good that is likely to come to you? Applying the universal principle of what you focus on grows, this can only bring in more good.

A state of mind - but one that can be cultivated. More on this as I experience it. Now to get back to the practice. You go do it too - make a list of the good you attracted today. Stay with the practice for a week and see how your view point shifts to the good that you are attracting.

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