Friday, April 15, 2016

The Mirror, 1st Follow Up Session - Senior Leadership Program

After the first session of 'Mirroring the Organization - Your Team Reflects You', held a month ago, we met up for a follow up session. The idea of follow up sessions is to examine the main concepts of 'The Mirror', 'Handling Feedback', 'The Energy Handle' and 'People Growth' more deeply and engage in practicing the same. This was a half day session.

We looked at 'The Mirror' closely today.

Key Idea
The key idea was to sensitize oneself to how the mirror works so one can course correct even as the situation is playing out.

Course flow
We reflected on an overview of what happened during the past month. We looked at what went right and what did not in the past month.

We examined our current reality from 'The Mirror' perspective.

We looked at how teams - personal and professional - get affected by us in two ways.
1) the physical or behavioral level
2) a deeper, belief and energy level. The second aspect also helps us understand why we behave the way we do.

The 4 Step process
Shobha elucidated how we can change our energy by doing the simple four step process. Change in energy within us changes the energy in the situation allowing breakthroughs to happen.

Core Negative Beliefs, Shadow Sides
To understand how our energy can be dissipated we examined the subjects of - Core Negative Beliefs, Projections and Shadow sides. All of these in one way or another bother us and keep our relationships on a learning or 'a disharmonious' state.

By resolving this state and dissipating the energy in the situation, we find great results.

We wound up with a commitment to
1) Share our daily interactions with 'The Mirror' (Look what I created! moments to sensitize ourselves) and how we are changing it from our side
2) Using the 4 step process to understand how energy can be dissipated

By staying committed and sharing one's thoughts on a daily basis we get sensitized to 'The Mirror' - that's life.

And by being more aware, we act on the fly and course correct instead of being the hapless victim.

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