Sunday, April 17, 2016

Thought for the Day - Law of Attraction, A Subtle Mind Shift

The other day while reading about Shahrukh Khan somewhere I wondered at his words - 'I love being a star. I want people to stand outside my house to see me' etc. Then I saw him again on some show that evening and once again I find the way he loves the attention - in fact all the others on stage are also liking the attention they are getting - that's why they are there. It struck me that those who want that attention seek it, crave for it. They really thrive in it. They love the stage, the lights, the attention, the love. It's not that they are not wanting to do the stuff they do but are doing so because of the money. It's stuff that they want to do. And because they believe they are good they charge good money for that.
Pi courtesy Satish Nargundkar

One look at people like SRK and people who are not really looking forward to drawing all the attention in the room tells you who will get what. There is a majority of us fighting or not liking the prospect of being on stage (and making a mistake) and there are a few who wish to go out there and bask in the glory. Of course they come prepared - or are prepared enough to back themselves to pull it off. They are primarily waiting for the opportunity to come their way. On their toes.

And that's when the mind shift happened to me - that to improve our chances, our consciousness, we need to, apart from the work and the preparation put in, develop a fertile consciousness. A consciousness which is not 'hoping' or 'thinking it is somewhere there' but a consciousness which knows that it is now in a space to 'actively attract all the good'. Like someone said in the 'Secret' video - 'I attract good stuff like a magnet'. It just makes you so ready to receive all the good that's waiting outside for you. So instead of merely hoping that things would work out somehow, you expect the best of things to come to you. It changes the texture of things - from hurried, grabbing and resentful waiting, it transforms into a delightful, anticipatory, birthday-gift kind of waiting. You just don't know what's coming your way!

The benefit of the second approach is that when good stuff does come, you know you are ready. And you accept it gleefully.

Another angle to this aspect is that it forced me to make an honest evaluation of yourself. Are you an approachable person? Are you open to people? To receive? Money, love, ideas? Do people approach you to talk? Then you get a fair idea of how open and approachable you are. At how you are attracting or repelling people with your energy.

The law of attraction now makes more sense. That instead of merely hoping that one aspect (say a small gift) might get attracted to you (hopefully) we are now attracting all the good in all forms (small to large gifts). It's not a birthday where you are waiting only for one gift to come, you are open to all sorts of gifts from everyone, everywhere. We are like that huge magnet, attracting all good, without fear or doubt, reservation or choice. We accept all, we are open to all. It's a state of open anticipation, of free flow.

From a magnet that chooses to attract only one thing and wondering why its not coming, to being open and attracting perhaps even better things among the many that come your way.  All possibilities, mostly miraculous ones, are now anticipated. It's a good state of mind.

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