Friday, April 15, 2016

Kshanam - Movie Review

Young man in America gets a call from an old love after a long break in their relationship. Could he come and help? He leaves everything aside and goes to India to help. He has not gotten over her yet. She tells him her daughter has been kidnapped and there is no trace of her. It's a month or two since. In his investigations he finds that the general idea is that there was no such girl and his old love was imagining things. Was his friend off her mind? Or did she really lose a daughter no one seems to know about?

When he finds some proof that perhaps the friend is right and the rest of the world is wrong, he finds that she has jumped off the building. By the time he unravels it all, he finds some truths which somehow explain why he needed to come.

Nice. But some rough edges.The protagonist Adivi Sesh is convincing and makes up for the small gaps. The scene with the girl in the backseat reminded me of a movie (Tsotsi, was it?) - but its treated in a different manner. Like many said before me - promising stuff. 

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