Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thought for the Day - To Understand is To Recognise

I had an interesting conversation with a young life coach yesterday.

'What makes you happiest?' she asked. Tough question.

I thought about it.
'It's not so much the big names, big recognitions etc. But when I write something and I feel someone got the exact essence, it means a lot to me. It connects directly even if it is from an eight year old or some unknown reader. It means much more than praise from the top critics.'

Some thing about wanting to be understood I guess. Some fear of not being understood.

After all, the greatest tragedy of life is this for me - all my great intentions that have not been seen for what they are.

On the other side, life hits the right tones when someone, somewhere, in all that clutter, connects with my intent. Few, but they are there. They recognise a kindred spirit, my anguish, my want.

Makes it all worth it.

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