Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Chef - Movie Review

It makes you hungry.

Chef is the story of Carl, a middle aged restaurant chef caught between the desire to express himself as an artist and reigning his expression in to create the safe dishes that cater to public demand. His boss and owner of the restaurant wants him to stick to safe, commercial dishes, a route that is increasingly stifling the creatively unfulfilled chef - and probably causing personal problems too - he is estranged from his beautiful wife and has a strained relationship with his son .

A visit by a top food critic to the restaurant causes another stifling duel between owner and chef. The critic trashes the chef. The chef starts a twitter war with the critic and eventually loses his job in a low point in his life. How he finds his passion again serving Cuban sandwiches and yuca fries (and two other items) from a food truck as he, his friend and son drive across from Miami to Los Angeles via New Orleans is the rest of the story.

The critic comes back and bankrolls the chef in a new restaurant. Son and parents reunite. All is well. Why can't people make simple stories like that?

Cute. But all that food makes you hungry. I'd love to eat that Cuban sandwich soon.

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