Friday, August 7, 2015

Anjali - You're Not The Buying Type

My impression that I was seen as someone with an abundant money consciousness and a highly generous nature took a beating the other day when Anjali made some startling  comments on the spending behaviors at home.

'You're not the buying kind,' she said casually. 'You always think twice before buying and have lots of discussions and then buy less. The only time you bought me something without asking was when you bought me an extra packet of chips when my friends came home recently'.

What? How do kids make a note of all this stuff?

My position of the generous provider now having been yanked from under my feet, I asked sullenly.
'So who is the buying kind?'

Easy. Obviously the other person in the family.

'Mamma of course,' said Anjali. 'She always buys me stuff without asking and also tells me what to buy and takes time to buy stuff in shops.'

Silence at my end. Truth hurts.

'You also buy nanna,' she said smiling, mollifying me a bit. 'Just saying that's all.'

Ok. Thanks. Now to watch my behaviors more closely and try not to let my careful-spending behavior get caught so easily. 

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