Saturday, August 15, 2015

Book Event - 'The Heat and Dust Project' by Devapriya Roy and Saurav Jha

The book goes with the tag line - the broke couple's guide to Bharat. So you get an idea that its a travel book with a twist - all travels under this project  are done under a strict budget of 500 bucks a day for bed and board. That's an ambitious task to undertake but the charming couple have done it and well, written about it.
Saurav Jha (extreme left) and Devapriya Roy (extreme right) at the book event

Devapriya Roy has already written two books 'The Vague Woman's Handbook' and 'The Weight Loss Club'. She has many credentials and interests - model (was the Keo Karpin girl once), dancer, academic, novelist and more. Saurav Jha is a contributor to energy and security issues and writes for national and international media. His first book was 'The Upside Down Book of Nuclear Power' and he writes a blog 'Geek at Large' on Indian defence issues.

Both are friends of another writer couple and good friends of mine Krishna Shastri Devulapally and Chitra Viraraghavan and writer-blogger-academic-marketing guru Dr. Rajendra Nargundkar so there was no way I was going to miss the event when I heard about it. I enlisted the support of the solid, dependable bureaucrat and one who knows all three mentioned above - Vinod Ekbote - who joined me for a quick mirchi bajji and coffee before we headed to Landmark. I thought the event went off really well. Both spoke passionately, insightfully and humourously about their experiences. IAS Officer Sumita Dawra, a writer herself (her next book on China is being published by Bloomsbury) spoke a few words before the authors launched into a conversation with Mohan and Seema form Taj - who did a fine job of navigating the conversation well. They recounted many interesting incidents, spoke about how some filmi deals which may come up, answered a question on how to get a publisher (they felt that the best way is to go to a literary agent) etc.

I enjoyed the evening, bought two copies for two friends who are visiting India, Aruna and Ritha since I already have a copy sent to me by Krishna and Chitra. I don't think I would have ever thought of picking up books as gifts had it not been for Krishna and Chitra who do this nice thing with books. They pick up books written by their pals and gift them (they gifted copies of 50 Not Out too)- and now - continuing their support for their friends they sent me and Vinod signed copies of 'The Heat and Dust Project'. Thanks K & C. I am now into the first leg of the journey with Devapriya and Saurav and it does look like a very promising ride.

Vinod and I saw a bunch of cute little Penguin classics and we picked up three. I got myself a Gustave Flaubert story. They cost only 49 bucks and are some really, solid stories. Maybe I should pick up some more tomorrow.  

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Rajendra said...

oh, so it happened in Hyderabad. IIMI's literary club is set to invite them to speak here soon.