Friday, August 21, 2015

Sunday Cricket Lessons - Align Your Body

It could well be one of the most important lessons I have learned yet. While showing me the two ways of bowling - side on and open chested - Baig saab stressed on the need to align the body in the action.

For example, in a side one action, your arm has to go in a manner in which, lets say you are standing with your legs apart, you head turned over your left shoulder as if you are looking at the batsman, then, your right arm needs to wheel over in the same line as your left arm would have followed. It means that the arms move in a semi circular fashion and the leading hand (shoulder) aims at the batsman and (most importantly) the bowling hand follows in exactly the same place where the leading hand was.

For a better visual, think of a windmill.

The blade behind must follow the blade ahead in exact alignment right? Else what happens? The mill loses efficiency drastically. In fact it will soon be all over the place and probably break up into pieces. (To me this principle could well be the golden principle in bowling - just as watching the ball on to the bat is in batting!) And that is exactly what happens to bowlers whose arms are not in alignment. Ball is all over the place, injuries etc.

When in alignment it is so tough to go wrong - with line, length, pace nip, swing, direction. Just get aligned and see the difference.

In life, should there be a lesson? I am sure there is. 

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