Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Anjali - Let Them Do Their Job, You Do Yours

We were watching a couple of Bollywood stars dancing away as if they were possessed to the beat of a popular song. They swung, gyrated, thrust, shook, vibrated, contorted and did all sorts of high voltage actions in the process.

I looked at Anjali (an avid Bollywood dance-watcher who was watching without blinking an eye), and shook my head.

'Why are they dancing like mad people?' I asked.

She did not turn her head.

'Let them do their job,' she said. And then. 'You do your job.'

Actually I think its the only thing we need to do for better efficiency. Everyone do their job and shut up about what others are doing. Instead we all are too concerned about what others are doing.

Tis the secret to efficient team work. The young lass seems to have a hang of it. Good for her.

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