Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Book Event - 'In Between the Bridge' by Abhinay Renny

Young Abhinay Renny is presently graduating from VNR VJIET (Vignan Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology). He is pursuing his Mechanical Engineering in that institute. While doing that and the many other things that youngsters of his age must be doing (he also plays the guitar, is an athlete, loves playing basket ball and seems to have tons of friends of both sexes), he also found the time and energy to write down a book 'In Between the Bridge'. It's a love story set on a college campus and flows along through a mix of prose and poetry. I haven't had a chance to read the book yet but have glimpsed through it (and heard another speaker read some parts of it at the book launch).
Pothi, 124 p, Rs. 259

But what's noteworthy about young Renny's effort is that he not only wrote the book but also went through the pains of getting it published - he has had it published in the US and the UK. And now in India through that wonderful publishing house that gives so many writers a chance to express themselves - (Dr. Rajendra Nargundkar, Marketing Professor with IIM, Indore now, and interestingly one of Vignana Jyothi's original team when it started the Management School, has had his humorous take on his life 'My Experiments With Half-Truths' published by For one so young to pursue a lonely vocation like writing a book all by himself is in itself a huge achievement. Not only that, Abhinay went further and organised a fine book launch event at his college auditorium yesterday. The auditorium was packed with friends and supporters cheering his every word. He has the complete support of his college authorities, from his lecturers (Kiran, who proposed that he invite me as Chief Guest and went out and called me), Head of Mech Department, Prof Kiran Mai, Principal, CEO of the Vignana Jyothi Group and many others who took time out to attend the event, encourage the young man and exhort the others to follow the lead.

Not everyone can gain so much love unless he is a special person. Abhinay came dressed smartly in a suit to the parking area, a big smile on his face. His friends handled the mike (a very competent compere who easily ad libbed when she had to and who handled the explosive sound system with poise - well done young lady - you did better than most), the camera, the hospitality (Shashank and one other young man who led me in and out). Abhinay gave his friend, cover designer Krishna his due through an AV (Krishna also gave a fine speech about art and how it is expressed through the child in us - mature words). Then an AV about Abhinay which showed his precocious desire to change the world - he made a great effort to go and meet the grand dreamer of change - APJ Abdul Kalam himself - when he was a tiny school kid.

Writing changes us in many ways - and this is what Abhinay must have undergone - the honesty to put his feelings into words, the responsibility to put his name on the book and accept it for what it is and the commitment to see it through all the rejections, the lows and uncertainties. I am sure he will do well - all signs bode a good future for the lad - and all the best my young friend with whatever you do in life.

And thank you VNR VJIET for a lovely gift - a healthy potted plant that is alive and that will grow - instead of cut flowers. A thoughtful gesture.

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.C said...

It's quite an awesome feeling to be named in your blog post! I see that itself as an honour!! And, it was a pleasure to meet you in person, though we interacted earlier virtually. Thank you for being a beacon that day, literally! :) Thank you for making Abhinay remember August 18, 2015 for a long time! :)