Monday, August 17, 2015

Amercian Sniper - Movie Review

Based on the true life story of an all time great American Sniper, Chris Kyle, who earned himself the title 'The Legend' (he achieved the highest number of kills in the Iraqi war with 255, of which 160 are officially confirmed ), American Sniper is in parts the conflict between the man and his conscience, him and his desire to do more (he could not save some) and an interesting sub-conflict between him and a worthy rival sniper named Mustafa who wreaks havoc in the American army and pins down the Legend equally well.

It also makes us think of the mindlessness of war and how so many lives are lost.

The war and the killings take its toll on the young NAVY SEAL and his family. He keeps going back to the war front to probably set something right, which he felt was wrong. When he finally returns he is killed by a 25  year old schizophrenic American war veteran that Kyle and his friend were trying to help. How bizarre is that.

The movie is based on an autobiography by Chris Kyle of the same name which became a bestseller. Clint Eastwood directs this movie with Bradley Cooper in the lead. Watchable.

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