Friday, August 28, 2015

Srimanthudu - Movie Review

Mahesh Babu is the scion of an empire that's worth 25000 crores but he wants a simple life where he shares his wealth and helps others. That is the conflict that drives the story - rich boy does not want riches but wants to distribute IT and help others - against the wishes of those who want him to multiply the wealth. Deep down, as always, the conflict is between father and son.

To further inspire him on his philanthropic pursuits he meets a young lady who ardently espouses the cause of one child to married couples - so ardent that she could well have them commit to it right there and then. Also she is learning rural development techniques to improve her rather sad village. Everyone is leaving the village for various reasons and even have a people-left-village-counter - but mainly - bad people. The bad people are of course in power, are Union ministers and have brothers and sons who are equally bad and are also (in flashback) the reasons for his father's attachment to his money. (They also tell us that they are bad.) The bad people have an army of bad people, a bunch of aspiring WWF wrestlers, who have this special ability to bounce off the ground like springs when they fall. Anyway turns out that the young man adopts the village and retains it to old glory by bashing up the bad guys again and again and when he realises their bouncing qualities, eliminates the lot with an elegant solution -  a short circuit.

Mahesh Babu does what he does best, looks good, delivers his lines in his inimitable way, fights the bad army and dances in his usual way. All good so far because we can go to watch this guy do all this stuff again and again and it does not bore you. Shruti Hasan was not as interesting to me as she appeared to Mahesh Babu, in fact she appeared the opposite. All else was regular fare. One thing in MB's favor - he does make rather boring stories watchable just by being in them. So watch.  

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