Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bahubali - The Beginning - Movie Review

It is as it promises - the beginning. Two warring cousins, one power hungry uncle who is crazy about making his son the ruler, one loyal servant to the throne irrespective of right or wrong, a queen seething with vengeance, a warrior princess - its set up nicely for the conclusion.

Bahubali is a spectacle with grand scale and that is what remained with me the most, even more than the story (perhaps because it was incomplete). All characters are intriguing and larger than life and promise much. The war scenes are shown well and appear genuine thanks to the detailed preparation and execution. As with movies of such scale it is the scenes with the visual impact that are given much thought to - so we have the young Bahubali scaling impossible waterfalls, boating through an avalanche scene, the martial arts scenes, the passionate love scene between the two lovers, Bahubali conquering the enemy leader in an unexpected turnaround - all shown impactfully.

Prabhas looks the part and so does Rana. Ramya Krishna breathes life into her role. This Bahubali chap seems destined for greatness one way or another. Great work by Director of Photography Senthil who is also destined for greatness.

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