Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ecstasy - Finding an Old Lost Love Song

Discovering an old song that you lost over three decades ago probably beats meeting an old love from those days. Not probably - I am sure it does - if the feeling of ecstasy I felt when I heard this number is an indication. Finding 'Can't wait anymore' that lovely ballad by Rock Machine in the 80s kind of completes the list of songs that I have been searching for in the past three decades.

Listen to it.

Rock Machine - Can't Wait Anymore

The young group  came up with a brilliant rock album called 'Rock n Roll Renegade'. My younger brother Ram showed a glimpse of his talent of picking the winners from newcomers when he bought this album of a relatively unknown group. And what an album it was.

What stayed in this album was this song. I remember those lyrics 'Trying to erase...' easily - and the rest of it came by as I played the song. Something rings so true and honest about the lyrics, about how the song was composed and sung. Many a night I played this song again and again and it filled the dark room beautifully. Lovely.

The other day we were listening to music at Kiran's house and I asked him if could access this album (I'd tried earlier but somehow failed). Kiran did, in a couple of minutes, and this huge wave of relief and ecstasy washed over me.

Old lost love? No chance. Give me an old lost song any day.

P.S. Another one from the album 'Top of the Rock' for good measure.

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