Thursday, August 20, 2015

Anjali - Hand-written Letters and Land line Phones

I took Anjali to the post office a year ago and told her how it works. She liked the idea and even wrote a couple of letters to her cousins - complete with pictures, little stickers, I love yous and many large hearts. She got one reply from one of her cousins and that ended the whole story.

So I thought.

The other day she accosted me with an envelope. She had written a letter to her ajoba (grandfather) and wanted me to post it. This ajoba lives in Hyderabad so I had to call him to get his address. Ajoba was mighty thrilled at the idea of getting a letter from his granddaughter and started making plans on how he will write his reply to her. (He in fact started off with his opening lines etc.) It looks like the work for the postal department has increased a tad. And if she does get a reply I am sure she will write some more.

We also have a land line at home which is rarely used. Say an average of two calls a month seems to be the norm. So I told Anjali a couple of days ago that since she does not have a phone of her own, the land line could be hers. She was mighty thrilled at the idea of having her own phone. She picked out all the land line numbers of her aunts and cousins, ajobas and ajjis and is calling them now on a daily basis. She has also appropriated the old phone book that had numbers written down - mostly land line stuff. The aunts and other relatives are super thrilled at this new development and they are also calling her on the land line. Suddenly there are a lot more calls at home and lot more talk going on - it feels as if its an old joint family has awoken.

Interesting, the things kids do. (These are the most uncool things right now for them.) More interesting to see the energy they do these things with. And the energy they spread when they do these things.


Rajendra said...

refreshing change from the mobiles and the emails.

Harimohan said...

Yes Raja. Hope she continues for a while. I am glad to see the land line back in use. It's like a new lease of life - some purpose in its existence.

Hmmm said...

And here I was looking for a like and share button on the post about landlines and letters :)

Harimohan said...

Hmmm, you managed to do both!

Harimohan said...

Hmmm, you managed to do both!